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University of Kang Ning Foreign Students Scholarship Regulations
      (Approved in the Administrative Confrence on 24/05/2017)
一、康寧學校財團法人康寧大學(以下簡稱本校)為辦理教育部每年核撥外國學生獎學金,特依據「教育部補助大專校院及其附設國語文教學機構設置外國學生獎學金核撥作業規定」制定《康寧學校財團法人康寧大學辦理教育部補助設置外國學生獎學金核撥作業要點》(以下簡稱本要點)。(University of Kang Ning Foreign Students Scholarship Regulations are made based on “The regulations to provide the subsidy to the Chinese Language Center of Colleges and University by the Ministry of Education.”)
二、經費來源:教育部補助設置外國學生獎學金。(Source of funding : The International Scholarship provided by the Ministry of Education.)
三、申請資格(Qualifications of the applicant)
1.在本校就讀並具有正式學籍之外國學生(不含交換生及僑生)。(Foreign students are currently studied at University of Kang Ning, and with official student’s status recognized by the Ministry of Education.  Exchange students and oversea Chiniese students are not included.)
2.未領取我國政府機關之獎助學金者。(Foreign students have not received any government scholarship of the Republic of China.)
3.大學部(Undergraduate Students) :
上一學期學業成績平均70分(含)以上及操行成績80分(含)以上、且每學期至少修習15學分。(Academic grade average of the previous semester should be 70 or above and the ethics grade should be 80 or above.  The student should take 15 or more credits on each semester.)
4.研究所(Graduate Students):
上一學期學業成績平均75分(含)以上及操行成績80分(含)以上、且每學期至少修習8學分。(Academic grade average of the previous semester should be 75 or above and the ethics grade should be 80 or above.  The student should take 8 or more credits on each semester.)
四、申請證件(The documents required of the applicant)
1.申請表(Application form)
2.歷年成績單(Grade transcript of past years)
3.學生證影本(University of Kang Ning Student’s ID)
4.中華民國居留證影本(Residence permit of the Republic of China)
五、獎學金名額、額度(The number and the amount of the scholarships)
1.受獎生實際名額及獎學金額,視教育部每年核配本校之補助款調整。(The actual number and amount of the scholarship will be adjusted depend on the subsidy from the Ministry of Education.)
2.每學期獎學金除以得獎學生數即為每名獎學金金額。(The amount of scholarship for each applicant is that the total scholarship of the semester shall be divided by the number of students who are awarded the scholarship.)
六、申請及審核方式(Scholarship application procedure)
1.每學期依公告申請期限向本校國際處提出申請。(Eligible applicants must submit all the application documents to the International Students Office within the date announced every semester.)
The qualifications of the applicants will be reviewed by the University of Kang Ning’s Scholarship Committee.
七、核給年限(The duration of the scholarship)
1.每次核定一學期,須每學期申請。(The duration of the scholarship is one semester.  The applicant should apply every semester.)
2.可支領獎學金年限:大學部以四年為限,碩士班研究生以二年為限。(The award period shall not exceed for four years for an undergraduate program and two years for a master program.)
八、本要點經行政會議通過,校長核定後公布施行,修正時亦同。(This guildeline comes into effect upon the approval of the president of university on the conclusion of the University’s Administrative Confrence.  Amendments to this regulation should follow the same procedure.)

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